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By Millstock Cars
06th Jul 2022
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Callan Scooby sporting his Millstock Cars sponsored kit.

A Win For Our Boxing Hero!

Millstock Cars were proud to have sponsored Callan Scrooby in his bout at the charity event on November 16 in support of Prostate Cancer.

I asked Callan how he got on.’ Hi Paul, it went the distance and I won on points. Was a very good fight’

Good luck to Callan in his blossoming boxing career.

Waterfront Motor Show

Ferrari has revealed a new 612bhp V8 front-engine coupé called the Roma, featuring bold styling to try to capture a new audience.

Millstock Cars presented 4 cars at the Waterfront Motor Show on November 16/17 which attracted a lot of interest from the thousands of visitors.

The New Ferrari Roma

The new model, unveiled in the Italian capital and set to go on sale next summer with a starting price of around £175,000, shares some underpinnings the Portofino drop-top but has all-new styling – including active aerodynamics – and a revamped and upgraded powertrain.