Millstock continues with main sponsorship of Classic Car racing in 2020

By Millstock Cars
06th Jul 2022
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Millstock Classic Cars have had an excellent season of racing so far with a great show of form from the driver roster. One of these drivers, in particular, is Derick Truscott. 

Derick has been racing for over 25 years in various cars including an Alfa Romeo GT Junior, VW Scirocco and lately a Porsche 944 Turbo Cup. The common thread between these cars is that they all have been raced in Classics and therefore what better driver to represent Millstock Cars as an ambassador going into the 2020 season. His son, Derick Jnr, has been following and documenting the 2019 season closely with ambitions of taking the driver’s seat as well soon and will be keeping a close eye on his dad as the 2020 season progresses. 

The Porsche 944 Turbo has shown excellent form in the 2019 season so far and everyone is excited to see it carry the Millstock flag to the front rows of its class in 2020.  

If you are interested in obtaining tickets to these events with access to the Millstock Cars VIP stand, please drop us a message. marketing@

The Class Classic cars are saloon cars manufactured prior to 1977. Quite a large latitude is allowed in the rules for modification however very strict control over the mods are exercised. In short, the cars must retain their original type engines which were ‘period’ i.e. available in their original format and cannot be substituted e.g. overhead cam technology instead of push-rod technology, or normally aspirated instead of fuel-injection and vice-a-versa etc.